Learn About Me

Why I do what I do 

In 2013, I finished high school and like all teenagers, I had no idea what I wanted to do. I had a list of 9 university courses that I could potentially apply for. I initially chose to do a psychology degree at MACQ university however before I even started that course, something told me that it wasn't suitable for me. So I looked back at the list of university courses and number 9 on the list was the degree in "Chinese Medicine".

For some reason, I had a very odd gut feeling telling me to do this course. So, as spontaneous as it was, I randomly picked it without knowing what it was about or ever doing Acupuncture/Chinese medicine beforehand. I got into the course and stuck it out for 4 years. 

After 4 years, I realised that this was the BEST random decision I have ever made as I grew to love Acupuncture and the benefits it can give to people. Learning more and more about this very different medicine is what drives me to love Acupuncture and Chinese medicine even more. 

My dream would be to still do Chinese medicine till the day I leave this earth. 


There's two things in life that I love. The first is cats and second is food ! Ever since I was young, I have always grown up with a cat. My two eldest cats (whom both have now passed) were 18 years old ! Now I have another two cats that I love playing with.

My love for food could potentially be due to the fact that my dad is a chef ! I've always been open to trying out new and different foods from different cultures. It is especially easily as I grew up in Australia which is such a multicultural country. However home cooked Chinese food will always have a special place in my heart. 

Learn about the treatments 

Back in Feb 2022, I started making short videos on the treatments that I do on my patients. It is a way for me to showcase what I do and what acupuncture can help with.

Have a watch of the video's before you book in ! That way you get to know a bit more about the treatments first. 

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